Wrongful Death

If an individual is killed due to the negligence, inaction or malpractice of a person, company, or other entity, a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed against that party by the family of the victim. Though nothing can lessen the tragedy of wrongful death, causing the responsible party to bear the human and financial consequences of their actions may provide some solace. Jastroch and LaBarge in Waukesha, Wisconsin can provide a compassionate and dedicated wrongful death attorney to assist a family in filing a lawsuit on behalf of a lost loved one.


Common causes of wrongful death include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, bike accidents, work-related accidents, and defective products. A wrongful death lawyer thoroughly knowledgeable in the law and the various statutes of limitations can review the facts of a claim in order to determine if it is legitimate.


If the wrongful death lawsuit is legitimate and a pre-trial settlement cannot be reached between parties, the lawsuit will go to court. The party filing the lawsuit must submit proof of fault to the court in order to win compensation. Proof of fault means proof that the responsible person or party had a duty to act a certain way but failed to do so, and thereby caused the wrongful death. Evidence such as witnesses, police reports, and medical records may be used, as well as expert testimony. If a jury finds that the party was more likely responsible for the wrongful death than not, compensation will be awarded. Compensation may cover the medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of society and companionship and the economic loss of the deceased and his/her family, and can range from thousands to millions.


Jastroch and LaBarge can help families determine the facts of a wrongful death claim. We will fight passionately on behalf of the deceased and their families in order to name the parties responsible and achieve compensation.

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