Real Estate & Property Law

Real estate law involves a huge number of legal issues that encompass the purchasing, financing, development, management, construction, leasing, and sale of residential and commercial property. All of these transactions are ruled by a combination of federal statutes, state law, and common law. During these transactions, a real estate and property lawyer can provide an essential safeguard against not only costly errors in documents and figures, but also many other serious issues that could otherwise lead to expensive legal action. Fortunately, Jastroch and LaBarge has a great deal of experience in real estate law and can provide an expert real estate attorney in Wisconsin to help you through all your property needs.

A real estate and property attorney can represent business owners in every aspect of commercial real estate, from acquisitions and sales, to construction and development, to leasing. Real estate and property attorneys can also assist commercial clients in the acquisitions and sales of farms and ranches, in matters between landlords and tenants, land use, eminent domain, mortgage, or foreclosure law.

When real estate disputes arise, an excellent attorney is an absolute necessity to help parties navigate through frequently convoluted real estate litigation. Disputes over property titles and boundaries, trespass and encroachment, adverse possession, condemnation, and many other matters can last years and cost a fortune in fees and fines without the aid of a knowledgeable lawyer. A real estate lawyer can also assist in many other possible issues, including broker issues, construction defects and disputes.

Jastroch and LaBarge is ready to represent clients legally in these and all other matters of real estate and property law in Waukesha, Wisconsin. We fight vigorously for our client’s real estate and property rights, we will do everything in our power to achieve a favorable outcome.

Our Real Estate attorneys assist our clients with matters ranging from residential purchases and sales to complex commercial transactions. Additional Real Estate matters include lease foreclosures, land contracts, variances, assessment issues, easements, encroachments, etc. Contact us for a free phone consultation with one of our experienced Real Estate attorneys.

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