Divorce Law

Whether the decision to divorce is yours or made by your spouse, it can be a complicated and emotionally stressful process, especially without competent legal representation.  Our trusted divorce team is ready to help you during every phase of the divorce process and will work tirelessly to protect your rights.

The issues involved in a divorce can be numerous and complicated. How should real estate, investments, retirement accounts and other assets be divided?  Which parent will take primary placement of any children, or is shared placement appropriate? Does spousal support apply?  Are there special issues when the marriage involves a same-sex divorce? These questions do not have easy answers,

Our divorce attorney is knowledgeable about all aspects of annulment, separation and divorce. From asset determinations, child support and custody, and alimony or spousal support, to the necessary paperwork and filings, we will be your legal advocate during this process.  We can help you should disputes arise between you and your spouse, and protect your interests as your case goes through the legal process.

As the many divorce clients we have represented will attest, we are fully committed to helping you get the most favorable outcome possible so you can successfully move ahead with the next phase of your life.

Please call 262.547.2611 for a free consultation with no obligation, or leave us a message here.

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