Estate Planning, Wills and Probate

Our legal team has many years of experience in matters related to estate, probate and business succession planning in the state of Wisconsin.

Estate planning − Our  estate planning and probate attorneys are experienced in wills, trusts, power of attorney, marital property agreements and charitable giving.  We are also skilled at probate avoidance issues.  After careful analysis of your situation and goals, we will recommend the estate planning tools and documents that best meet your needs: from trusts and wills to documents such as Durable Powers of Attorney for finance and heath care matters and Living Wills.  Jastroch-LaBarge-Attorney-Estate-Planning

Whether you are concerned about providing for a growing family or the eventual disposal of your assets to families, friends and charities, our estate planning and probate lawyers  will help you determine the best ways to define and protect your assets so they will be distributed as you wish to those you have designated.  And, as your circumstances or goals change, we will help you update and adjust your estate plan so that it remains consistent with your situation, lifestyle and objectives.

Business succession planning − We regularly work with business owners on all aspects of long-term and succession planning, giving the information needed and assisting in developing plans with legal documents that help provide a smooth transition and successful business continuation.

Because all of these transactions are ruled by a combination of federal statutes, state law and local regulations, it’s important to work closely with experienced legal advocates who will help protect your interests.

At Jastroch & LaBarge, we have two clear priorities: safeguard our clients’ assets in order to provide for their loved ones and others, and help clients make sound estate or business succession plans that meet the letter of the law and ensure final wishes will be carried out.



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