Civil Litigation

What should you do if you find yourself named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit?  Whether it’s the sale of or title to property or real estate, a disagreement over a debt or obligation, or a dispute over an agreement or contract, just because someone sues you doesn’t mean you must give in to their demands.

When facing a lawsuit, you need expert legal advice to fully understand your rights and to protect your interests.  Our experienced civil attorneys will analyze your situation and help you determine how to proceed, prepare a defense and respond to any allegations. We can also help assess any claims you may have in the civil dispute and whether you should counterclaim against those filing suit against you.

Call us for a free phone consultation with a civil litigation lawyer at our offices.  We can explain the litigation process, the types of actions that can be taken on your behalf to defend against the lawsuit, and the cost for the legal services performed.

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