Business Litigation

Commercial litigation can carry serious ramifications for businesses and business owners. Our business litigation attorneys are well versed in Wisconsin business law , such as fraud and misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, interference with contractual or economic relations, non-competition litigation, and more.

We can help prepare appropriate and legally binding business contracts for you, and initiate legal action when someone breaches your contract.  We can also help navigate the complexities of shareholder and corporate governance and litigation.

When business controversies arise, our first goal is to employ negotiation techniques to obtain a favorable agreement that protects business needs and assets. However, if negotiations are not possible or prove unsuccessful, we are prepared to fight for your interests in court. We will pursue legal action after a thorough analysis of all parties’ legal positions, careful planning of an execution strategy, and comprehensive discussion of the costs of litigation in order to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Whatever the legal needs are for your business, we will work hard to help safeguard your assets, ensure continued operations, minimize damages and protect your reputation.

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