Frequently Asked Questions, Answered by Wisconsin Lawyers

What does “maximizing” my personal injury claim mean?

Answer: “The value of most parts of your personal injury can vary dramatically. Therefore, it is in the insurance company’s interest to minimize the value of your pain, for example. A good personal injury attorney will make every effort to maximize the value of your pain, both past and future, the attorney will also maximize the value of your lost earnings and/or earning capacity, the value of any permanent condition, disability or restriction, future medical expense, and the value of other losses, such as scarring and loss of companionship or services. It is also important to understand that if you do not have an attorney, you will be required to sign authorizations for the insurance company. That, in effect, allows the insurance carrier to handle your claim. That is why it is good to know that, no matter how large or small, we will give advice without charge in how best to proceed.”

Why do I need a lawyer for a worker’s compensation claim?

Answer: “If your medical bills and temporary total disability payments are being paid, there is usually no need to call an attorney. A good worker’s compensation lawyer, however, can assist you whenever there is a dispute. Many times insurance companies claim the accident did not happen at work. Other disputes include differences of opinion on permanency, loss of earning capacity, retraining benefits, and total disability benefits due. In any event, our firm is more than willing to discuss your possible claim and answer any questions without cost.”

How can you present a worker’s compensation case on your own?

Answer: “In the State of Wisconsin, you may request and represent yourself at a worker’s compensation hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. The employer you work for, however, will likely have an insurance company representative or attorney experienced in handling these hearings represent them. Though the Administrative Law Judge can be a little less formal in the proceeding, he/she cannot ignore the rules of evidence which you must follow in presenting your case. To be sure you are on an equal footing, we would encourage you to discuss your case with an experienced attorney who understands what it will take to present and win your case in front of the Administrative Law Judge.”

What do you do if you are threatened with civil litigation?

Answer: “Consult an attorney. You and your attorney will review the facts and any relevant documents. Your attorney will help you determine your risk and create a strategy to minimize it.”

Who wins in civil litigation?

Answer: “Most matters are resolved prior to trial by dismissal, after mediation or by settlement. At trial the prevailing party must be able to persuade the judge or jury that their position is based on the law and the credibility of their witnesses.”

How many dogs can a family have in the State of Wisconsin?

Answer: “Municipal ordinances, subdivision and condominium rules and regulations can all limit the number of domesticated pets a family can own. It is not unusual for cities to restrict residents to two or three dogs. Before you get a pet you should check with your city/town/village and county websites. Also make sure you review your subdivision or condo rules and regulations.”

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