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The legal team at the Jastroch & LaBarge has decades of experience with a wide range of legal issues, laws, regulations and court rulings.  From vehicle accidents and other personal injuries, to divorce and family law, and business and civil litigation, we have successfully represented clients, won lawsuits, defended individuals and businesses, and negotiated settlements for hundreds of Wisconsin residents and businesses.


We’re uniquely experienced in Wisconsin lemon law, motorcycle injury, dog bites, wrongful death, product liability lawsuits, and more. Our trusted attorneys can also help with your real estate, estate planning and probate needs, as well as social security disability and worker’s compensation issues.

We’re conveniently located across from the Waukesha County Courthouse, and also represent clients in courtrooms across Wisconsin, including county circuit courts, Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Federal courts, along with administrative agencies and municipal courts.

Our attorney profiles will introduce you to our legal team, all of whom are qualified to help you evaluate your alternatives and determine how we may best be of service to you.


About Jastroch & LaBarge…

Our team of Wisconsin attorneys handles a variety of practice areas involving car accidents, personal injuries, business and civil litigation, and divorce or family law. We have lawyers to work with you on your real estate and estate planning or probate needs as well as in the social security disability and worker’s compensation law areas. Our multi-practice Waukesha law firm also has attorneys experienced in the Wisconsin lemon law, motorcycle injury, dog bites, and wrongful death and product liability lawsuits.



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